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Stereo Image Maker v2.0.10 alpha (freeware)

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The Stereo Image Maker software is an application that lets you create stereoscopic images from Left and Right, Interlaced or Red Blue Anaglyph images and save them as a Stereoscopic PNG image file.  You can also perform a lot of operations on images and view them with different displaying modes at the same time.  The PNG Progressive Display Simulation is very useful to visualize the real time displaying result over an Internet connection.

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File management :
Create new stereoscopic image from Left and Right, Interlaced or Red Blue Anaglyph images / Open stereoscopic PNG, BMP, JPG, JPS or MPO image / Save stereoscopic PNG
, BMP, JPG or JPS image / Save Left, Right, Parallel, Cross eyed, Red Blue Anaglyph or Interlaced image / Image saving options  / Stereoscopic image properties.

Editing :
One step Undo and Redo / Exchange Left and Right images / Quick Half Height and Double Height / Convert to Grayscale / Merge with Background / Delete Transparency / Align / Resize / Crop / Flip Horizontally and Vertically / Rotate 90░ Clockwise, 90░ Counterclockwise, 180░ and High Precision Custom.

Viewing :
Displaying modes include Normal PNG, Left mono, Right mono, Parallel, Cross eyed, Red Blue Anaglyph and Interlaced / Exchange Left and Right images / Avoid Transparency / Anti-Aliasing / Solid Background / Checked Background / Wallpaper Background / Zoom 50%, 100% and 200% / Grayscale and Pseudocolor Red Blue Anaglyph / PNG Progressive Display Simulation / Multiple views of same document in different displaying mode.

Miscellaneous :
Full HTML manual / Complete source code included.

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This project has begun in 1999 but it is only in late 2004 that I finally found the time to complete it.  It took very long because I developed it only on my free time.  The idea of the PNG sTER chunk came when I added PNG support to the DecoTech software version 6.  Since DecoTech was already rendering interlaced stereoscopic images, I found more easy to use PNG file format to store both left and right images compare to the JPS file format.  A major advantage was the alpha channel that allows smooth transparency over a background image.

So the first goal of the Stereo Image Maker software was to promote the use of the .PNG image file format for storing stereoscopic images via the public sTER chunk.

The second goal was to provide a lot of functions for stereoscopic image creation, manipulations and displaying techniques.  With the exception of the LibPng, LibZlib and LibJpg libraries, the other included source code has been created by me, Adeluc, and it is absolutely free to use.  (I simply hope that you will mention me, Adeluc, in your Special thanks to section, if you use my source code in your application.  But do not worry, I will not sue you if you are not doing it.)

The third goal was to provide a well done application to people who like creating stereoscopic images but do not care about the two first goals above.

The developers, whose created the LibPng, LibZlib and LibJpg libraries, saved me a lot of coding time.  This is why I decided to do like them by making available my own source code to help other developers as they did for me.

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