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Stereo Image Maker version 2.0.10 - User's Manual  (2012/02/13)

Note: This manual is not completely updated to v2.0.10 (Alpha) yet.

This application as the .PNG sTER chunk have been created by me, Adeluc, on my free time.
I am a French Canadian living in province of Québec.  You can visit my Website at www.adeluc.com.

The Stereo Image Maker is a Shareware Open Source application free of ownership.

You are using this application and its source code at your own risks.  Do not expect any money for any direct or indirect lost resulting of the use of this software or its source code.

Sorry to scare you like this, but I do not have time and money to hire lawyers to write me a long and safe End User Agreement!  In facts you can trust my source code since I am a perfectionist.

If you plan to use my source code for commercial uses, I will be very happy to receive any among of money as a reward for my great job. =)

If you want to report errors or plan to improve my software, I will be happy to hear about your modifications.  Since I use a dynamic e-mail address to avoid unsolicited e-mails, use the Send an e-mail button on my Website to get my current working e-mail address.

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