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Click here for the basic Concepts of Stereoscopic Image

Click here for the description of the Stereoscopic .PNG Image File Format (sTER chunk)

All the source code is included within the software installation.  However, if you only need the modified source files of the LibPng library to support the Stereoscopic PNG chunk, and like me you feel insecure with the idea of running on your computer an installation application created by an unknown guy, you can download a zipped file, that contains only the modified LibPng source files, by clicking here.

If you run the installation application on someone else computer, or you are heedless and you run the installation application on your personal computer, or you have a Virus Protection software in which you have absolute faith, or you are simply trusting me, you will enjoy the well done object oriented LibJCH functions library.

You will find in the LibJCH library a lot of useful pixel and bitmap manipulation functions and much more.  If you are a beginner with Visual C++ MFC MDI applications, you will find a lot of tips in the source files located in the StereoImgMk folder.

I passed hundreds of hours creating this code and 70% of this time was debugging time.  Not to fix obvious bugs, but to be sure no bug exists.  I am an experimented analyst programmer and I am constantly reusing my existing code to create new code.  This is why I am constantly over checking my code to be sure to not spread bugs.  Of course, when you are developing like this, you need to be very persevering because it takes longer to do simple things, but in the long road, you save a lot of time and frustration by working this way.

If you are an experimented programmer, you know the value of such code.

For the LibPng, LibZlib and LibJpg libraries, visit the Websites of their own authors for more information.

For those too much scared by my comments above about running the installation application, there is an alternative to gain faith in me!  This (scary no icon) installation application has been created by the WinZip Self Extractor application.  So you can unzip it like a normal .ZIP file.  From there, you will get all the source code without being exposed to any dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans or worst, Raelian disciples.  =)

If you think I am myself too scared about harmful applications, you are absolutely right!

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