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There is a list of the advantages of using .PNG instead of .JPS for stereoscopic images :
1- The Alpha Channel able smooth transparency over background images. You can create depth 3D translucent objects floating in front the screen.
2- Stunning animations via the .MNG format. You can create depth 3D animated objects flying in front the screen.
3- Progressive display. Gives quickly a good preview for huge depth 3D images or with slow connection.
4- Compatibility with all existing software that support .PNG format. Applications, those do not yet support the sTER chunk, will simply display an image composed of two subimages with sometimes some padding pixels between them.  In such applications, you will still be able to view the stereoscopic image by using the Cross-Eyed Viewing technique if storage mode==0, or using the Parallel-Eyes Viewing technique if storage mode==1.
5- Lossless format for scientific uses.  The artifacts created by lossy format may void program analysis of stereoscopic images.  By example, when calculating the terrain slope from elevation images taken by satellites.
6- The possibility of 16 bits per channel for scientific uses.  By example, in a stereoscopic image taken from the non visible spectrum of light, each pixel will have a range of 0-65535 instead of 0-255.  This is a huge advantage in computer analysis of such stereoscopic images.  This could also be useful for the NASA stereoscopic images taken by future planet rovers.
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