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PNG-Anim Encoder / Decoder v3.0.31 alpha (freeware)

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The PNG-Anim Encoder / Decoder software is an application that lets you create (GIF like) animation by using the private PNG anIX chunk.  The PNG anIX chunk specifications are very simple to implement, especially if you are using my included source code.  Even if it is working perfectly, there is no documentation available yet.  For the moment, all the available information is located in the header file "JCH_PNGAnim.h" found in one of the source code folders.  This application and its source code come within the downloadable file of the Stereo Image Maker v2.0.10 software.  Note: If you load a small animation while the controls window has its Always keep this window on top set, then the animation window will be behind!

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Alpha Version

There is still work to do.  By example, the use of Screen Capture for the background is not yet implemented.  Also a nice and intuitive animation editor with a graphical interface to replace the textual description of the tiles is cruelly missing.  Unfortunately, I have no idea when I will have some free time to work again on the PAED application.  I am extremely busy since a couple of years.  This is why I finally decided to publish the PAED application in its unpolished state so at least some users will be able to enjoy it now and some programmers will be able to use and improve my source code.

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Quick Tech Docs :  Some basic technical specifications to create new animations

Description of the first line of a Tile's Descriptions.txt file

m_nPNGAnimFormat_Import : Format of the tiles described in this text file.
 (See PNGAnimFormat :  0x0100, 0x0200, 0x0201 or 0x0202)
m_nPNGAnimFormat_Saved : Format of the tiles saved in the animation file.
 (See PNGAnimFormat : 0x0100, 0x0200, 0x0201 or 0x0202)
m_bStereoscopic : Normal = 0, Stereoscopic = 1.
m_nStereoStorageFormat : Cross-fuse layout = 0, Diverging fuse layout = 1.
m_unFrameWidth : Width of frames.  (0 < value <= 2147483647)
m_unFrameHeight : Height of frames.  (0 < value <= 2147483647)
m_ushNumPlays : Number of times to play this animation. Zero means infinite.
 (0 <= value <= 65535)
m_ushTicksPerSecond : Frame delay denominator.  (Must be >= 1)

For information about the tiles' descriptions, read the header file "JCH_PNGAnim.h".

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