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Set Window On Top & Get Info

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This simple and practical application allows you to quickly get information about any opened windows.  If the selected window is not a child window, you also have the possibility to set its WS_EX_TOPMOST flag.  This flag keeps the window on the top of other normal windows.

In the second picture above, we selected the Calculator application and we activated its WS_EX_TOPMOST flag.  That way, this currently opened Calculator application will not be hidden while you are working with other applications (like a spreadsheet).

This application was inspired from the Spy++ tool that was included with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

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Minimum requirements

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP*.
 * Under Windows XP the buttons appear with their texts but without their icons.

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Download the application file:  setwndontop_1_3_0_0.zip
It is forbidden to monetize this application but you can redistribute it freely.
In doubt, contact me by email.



Download the source code file:  setwndontop_1_3_0_0__source_code.zip
It is forbidden to monetize this source code or to withdraw the credit from its author.
In doubt, contact me by email.

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This application requires no installation.  Once the «setwndontop_1_3_0_0.zip» file is downloaded, open it and simply copy the «SetWndOnTop.exe» application file in your My Documents folder, or any other useful location to keep it.  Once the «SetWndOnTop.exe» file has been copied, you can safely delete the no more required «setwndontop_1_3_0_0.zip» file.  To create a shortcut on your desktop, start the «SetWndOnTop.exe» application and look in the Menu button.

Useful trick to know:  At each time you will start «SetWndOnTop.exe», Windows will annoy you with a warning window as it always does with all that comes from the Internet.  To stop the annoying appearance of these windows, right-click on the "SetWndOnTop.exe" file and then select Properties from the context menu.  Then in the General tab select Unblock (at the bottom of the window), then click OK.

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