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Who is Adeluc?

I am a French Canadian living in province of Québec, so a Québecois.

I am born the same year Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon surface for the first time.

I was 12 years old when I began programming on my friend's computer, a Texas Instruments TI99/4a.  Two year after I purchased my first computer, a Commodore 64K.

In 1988 I purchased an Amiga 2000 computer with 1MB of RAM memory.  That was so huge at that time.

On March 1st, 1991, I associated myself with Denis Hovington and together we began the development of the CuisiTech software, later renamed DecoTech.  Development was done on the most powerful (and affordable) graphic computer of that time: The Amiga 3000 computer.  The Silicon Graphics Indigo computer was not affordable!

In 1993 I began developing on Microsoft Windows operating system.  It was only business choice to stay in business.

I continue to think that Amiga was the best computer of its time with its incredible operating system.  Unfortunately Commodore Business Machine, owner of the Amiga and now in bankrupt, was so stupid in marketing that Microsoft won the operating systems war.

Even if I earn my life doing software on Microsoft Windows, I really hate that operating system.  I will probably give a try to Linux when I will be retired or multimillionaire!

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